"An Amazon.com of the nonprofit world"

We Give Back to Support Your Favorite Causes

Some businesses now donate--typically, 1% of their revenue--to the environment or another charitable cause of their choice.

We are far more generous.

We are committed to making a difference--in the lives of everyone who creates a profile page on this site and to make the world a better place. A full 20% of all subscription fees go to ChangingThePresent, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which supports hundreds of outstanding nonprofits addressing the full range of causes. Better, yet, you get to choose which specific cause you want us to support with that share of your fee.

Our Nonprofit Partner: Changing The Present

See why The New York Times called this nonprofit, "an Amazon.com of the nonprofit world."

We channel to nonprofits some of the fortune people normally spend buying birthday, wedding, and holiday presents. We do that by making the experience of a donation, which you give in a friend's name, feel like a rewarding gift and a great alternative to buying yet more "stuff."

Imagine how much good we could all do together as more and more people adopt this more meaningful type of giving.