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Improve Your Chances When You Apply for Anything:

Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Grad School, etc.

The easiest and most effective way to enhance your online reputation

An Easy Way to Improve Your Online Reputation

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Your profile page will help you:

  • succeed when you apply for grad school, internships, or jobs
  • be known for what makes you unique
  • be recognized for everything you do to make the world a better place

Everyone Googles You

Everyone Googles You

When you apply for a job or internship, to grad school, for scholarships and grants. When you try to get into a competitive program. When you meet someone at a party or online. They will google you.

Be Sure They See Something Impressive

Be Sure They See Something Impressive

Let them see what makes you you.

You will gain a distinct advantage when they see that more dimensional, likeable, impressive picture of who you are, when they see what you care about and what you are doing to make a difference, and when they recognize that your values align with theirs.

Here is the easiest and most effective way to improve your online reputation. Your profile page on our website will:

  • help you succeed when you apply for jobs, internships, scholarships, grad school, or anything
  • let you be known for the real you when friends and classmates learn more about you
  • showcase the things you want to be known for: academics, extracurriculars, athletics, student organizations, leadership, skills, and experience.
  • highlight everything you do to make a difference: favorite causes, nonprofits, community service, and fundraising.
  • direct them to your online presence that you want seen.
  • help you connect with like-minded people nationwide.

Improve your chances for success when applying for anything. Scroll down to get your profile page now .

About Our Nonprofit

Why Our Nonprofit is Offering You a Profile Page

“An of the nonprofit world”

Meaningful Gifts Make a Difference

We help nonprofits and schools capture some of the $450 billion fortune Americans spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents.

How? By making the experience of a donation, which you give in a friend's name, feel like a rewarding present and a great alternative to buying yet more unwanted merchandise.

Imagine the impact as more and more people adopt this meaningful type of giving! Each 1% of the money now spent on presents would be $4.5 billion per year to do good.

Here are a few of our thousands of charitable gifts from hundreds of outstanding nonprofits.

Want to help your favorite nonprofit or school capture some of the money now spent on presents? We make it easy.

Feed a child

Human Rights

Cancer research

Stop sexual abuse

Protect an Acre

Shelter animals

Get Your Profile Page and Support Your Favorite Cause When You Donate Just $2

Your $2 Donation Supports Your Favorite Cause and Provides Your Profile Page

For-profit websites sell your data and bombard you with intrusive ads. Not us! We respect your privacy and will never put ads on your page.

Your donation of just $2 per year (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) does two things:

  • It provides your profile page to show what you care about, improve your online reputation, and advance your career.
  • It helps us generate awareness and new funding for the cause of your choice.

Here's a compelling reason to sign up right now, rather than tomorrow. Normally, a modest $2 donation to help CtP support your favorite cause gets you this tremendously-beneficial profile page for a full year.

We want to get the ball rolling, and we want to honor our early supporters, so while we are in Beta phase (that is, double-checking to make sure everything works perfectly), if you register now, your one-time $2 donation will provide your profile page for the next five years. Do it now, before this offer ends and this paragraph disappears.

It's easy! Click the cause you want to support, make that tiny contribution, and then create your compelling profile page for all the world to see and admire.

More Opportunities: Join Us as a Remote/Virtual Intern

Another Opportunity: Join Us as a Public Engagement Intern

We have two more great opportunities for students and graduates. Work virtually and on your own schedule. Use your talent, creativity, and leadership skills to make the world a better place, while you also improve your resume with a record of achievement and service. Focus on your field of studies, your favorite cause, or your favorite community (ethnic, country, or religious).

  • Community Engagement Interns: As little as four hours per week to raise awareness and engagement at your college. Learn more.
  • National Interns:Ten or more hours per week to work on our national and global campaigns. Learn more.